Our Vision

We want to grow a diverse and creative educational community. We want to strengthen every unique child in becoming responsible members of God’s world, encouraging their own sense of belonging and nurturing their inner disposition of believing.

Our Vision of Intent

We want our children to become:

  • to become big thinkers and solvers
  • to become utterly confident to learn and develop
  • to become aspirational learners, who show high levels of independence and resilience
  • to become good listeners and responders
  • to become successful communicators

We want our children to belong:

  • to belong in a place amongst all backgrounds, abilities and dispositions
  • to belong in a sustained safe and stimulating environment
  • to belong in experiences of sustained shared thinking
  • to belong in experiences of social interaction and engagement

We want our children to believe:

  • to believe in a love for learning
  • to believe in their own high expectations and interests
  • to believe in themselves and others
  • to believe in their voice
  • to believe in positive values, attitudes and behaviours
  • to believe in good progress and attainment
  • to believe and gain an adequate level of cultural capital that contributes to effective learning and development at school
  • to believe in making a positive contribution to the community and environment

“Children are a gift from the Lord; they are a reward from him”

Psalm 127:3

Get in touch:

New Life Pre-School and Nursery

42 George Street,
Wakefield, WF1 1DL England

01924 375060

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